Videos of our Unique English Language School

A selection of videos showing our past students enjoying the unique Atlantic S.E.A.L. experience in our special location.

Sofia, aged 5, from Russia with our teacher Maeve

Sofia, aged 5, from Russia is one of our youngest students learning English online. Maeve is one of our teachers…

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Let's Blend it! Warm Up Your English ONLINE first then join the same teachers ON-SITE

The teachers who teach you online, will teach you when you come to us onsite! Unlike other Online English courses…

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We Love Returning Students

Jodi, our Junior Leisure Manager who has been with us for 9 summers (she was a teenager herself when she…

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The Boomerang Effect - Why so many return.

30-40% of Atlantic SEAL annual visitors are returning learners of English. This applies to all ages. Why is that? 'Friends…

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Owner, Barbara Connelly Explains Who We Are..and more

Owner-Director Barbara Connelly explains how all ages, from 4 to 84+, can enjoy their own separate language and leisure experience…

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Full Family Programmes

Our visiting families want to learn English, have family fun, have their own separate experience, while sharing the wonderful adventure…

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Mini Stay = Maximum Progress

'If you dont' want to lose it, use it!' That is the Atlantic SEAL language learning motto; we give you…

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9 to 12 and 13 to 17 year olds Enjoy Learning, Living, Leisure and Laughter.

So what do they do? Kayaking, Archery, Hiking, Biking, Acting and Hollywood-style Stunt Workshops, Tennis, Golf, Beach Sports, T-shirt Design…

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Adult Learners of English: Learning Fast by Slowing Down.

The breathtaking ocean-side location of Atlantic SEAL makes it the ideal place to unwind, de-stress and thereby make the maximum…

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Business English with a Difference

Here you can see Business English clients who love the Atlantic-side location. They instantly relax thanks to the healthy sea…

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20th Anniversary - The Evolution of a Small English School by the Sea

2019 is the 20th anniversary of Atlantic SEAL. Who does Atlantic SEAL appeal to? Owner, Barbara Connelly believes that English…

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Max and Friends make a Vlog at Atlantic S.E.A.L

One of the most interesting ways to work as a team and really work on your English is to do…

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An Impression of Junior Easter Programme 2018

This clip which was taken a week or so ago shows the fun and hard work that makes up our…

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Summer Schull 2017

This was my last experience in Ireland as a student, so I wanted to capture everything and make it a…

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Our Adult Students & Kiddies 2015

For a few weeks each year our students become 'The People of Schull' and feel at home here and enjoy…

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Our United World (Stop-Motion Animation)

Our United World - Summer Film Music workshops See what happens when you combine one unique coastal Irish Village -…

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Three Castle Head

Aerial footage of Three Castle Head at the tip of the Mizen peninsula. It's a place that is rarely visited…

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Message from the Director

The Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure experience as described by Barbara Connelly (School Director), staff and students.

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. Experience

After a morning in the classroom students of all ages join their teachers for the seriously fun & unforgettable Afternoon…

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Why Our Students Love our Host Families

Director of Studies Aisling O'Donnell explains how the host family experience is so valuable for our students of English. They…

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Amazing Oscar on the Atlantic Piano

Our student of English Oscar Schulz is offered the chance in a lifetime opportunity to play the piano when the…

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Our Host Families - and why our students love them

The unforgettable experience in the host family is a big reason why students relax and use English so comfortably.So says…

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We Will Rock You!

This video was a spontaneous and fun idea of our students of all ages one afternoon at our summer school…

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A quick tour of 'Crow's Nest' 2 Bedroom Atlantic-side Apartment.

This is a brief video to show the small, cosy, well equipped 2 bedroom apartment by the Atlantic ocean, in…

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Learn English Online, then join us On-site

While you prepare to come here to our beautiful Atlantic-side school, why not meet your teachers before to 'warm up'…

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.