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Our Erasmus Eligible Programmes are open to all, - but If you are entitled to an Erasmus grant - Our Organisation number is E10044356.

Are you an English teacher or someone involved in teaching through English (CLIL)? Or perhaps part of the Management or Administrative team in a relevant organisation?

Our programmes are tailor-made for you! Stay ahead with the latest advances in Teaching English and teaching through English, or seek motivating support from experienced educators and managers. We'll help you analyse your learners' needs, plan future lessons, and provide valuable feedback on your teaching skills. Plus, all our courses are eligible for ERASMUS+ funding, making your professional development even more accessible.

But it's not just for English teachers! If you're in a management role or teach subjects through English, our diverse range of programmes and topics will enhance your professional skills. Benefit from our insights, up-to-date ideas, and lesson plans that really work for your future teaching as well as broadening your ideas bank for management and marketing.

Even if you're not directly in the field of education, our unique Atlantic-side location offers something for everyone. Explore courses in Mindfulness (including Mindfulness in the classroom), Mind, Body & Spirit, Irish Culture & Environmental Sustainability (I.C.E.S), Marine Ecology & Conservation, and more. Non-teachers of English can also request a customised programme tailored to their group's needs. Ideal to add to your English/English Teaching Refresher course too.

And for individuals seeking flexibility, we have this covered, for example: our highly successful 'anytime of year' Individual Teacher Training Programme awaits you. This comprehensive course, tailored just for you, includes 'one-to-one' lessons and cultural appreciation components like excursions and activities. Start any Monday, any time of the year, with YOUR needs in mind. If ongoing specialist programmes interest you, you are also welcome to join a confirmed group course – just ask!

Embark on a journey of professional growth and personal enrichment with our diverse and inclusive range of courses. Your learning adventure begins here!

We celebrate our 25th year of opening our doors and hearts to the world, in 2024. Make sure you are here to join in on the celebrations!

Con­firmed Eras­mus+ Pro­grammes in 2024

Start DateEnd DateCourse TitleWeeks available
16/4/202421/4/2024Irish Culture and Environmental Sustainability1 week
27/5/202431/5/2024Teacher Training: English & Mindfulness, Mind, Body & Spirit1 week
17/6/202421/6/2024Teacher Training & Medical English1 week

Please note that all con­firmed cours­es must begin on the start dates as indi­cat­ed above.

Avail­able Dates for Eras­mus+ Programmes

Start DateEnd DateCourse TitleWeeks available
15/4/202426/4/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
27/5/20247/6/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
10/6/202421/6/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
15/7/202426/6/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
12/8/202423/8/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
9/9/202420/9/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks
7/10/202418/10/2024All Courses1 or 2 weeks

Eras­mus+ pro­grammes can be organ­ised through­out the year — enquire today!

Irish Cul­ture & Envi­ron­men­tal Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Programme

The Irish Culture and Environmental Sustainability programme explores local initiatives in the field of environment and sustainability to create a picture of our unique local culture and rural ecology here in West Cork. Our location on the Wild Atlantic Way is ideal for exploring environmental issues. We are extremely lucky to have a wealth of interesting locations and passionate people, who take this conversation further by integrating it into their businesses and personal lifestyle.

Irish Culture and Environmental Sustainability.

Teacher Tain­ing & CLIL

Teaching strategies and methodologies for teachers of the English language or for ESL teachers. By learning new teaching strategies and methodologies for your classroom teachers develop knowledge and skills that create the ideal student-centered classroom.

English Teacher Training for non-native speakers & CLIL.

Teacher Train­ing and Mind­ful­ness in the classroom

The mindfulness training teaches the teacher to become aware of the learners' needs on a more emotional level, developing a stronger teacher-student bond, resulting in less stress for the teacher, and a calmer and focused classroom.

Teacher Training and Mindfulness in the classroom.

Teacher train­ing plus Med­ical English

Our Medical English programme has been expertly designed for those who work as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals, who wish to work or study in an English-speaking country, or perhaps for those who work in a multi-cultural environment to aide in communicating with patients and colleagues.

Teacher Training plus Medical English

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