Let's Blend it! Warm Up Your English ONLINE first, then join the same teachers ON-SITE here in wonderful West Cork.

The teachers who teach you online, will teach you when you come to us onsite!

Unlike other Online English courses we are a recognised and accredited

English school and our teachers are highly qualified and have been part

of our year round team for years. If you have already been here or hope

to come, you will meet them here face to face. You can choose to learn

online for whatever reason you wish, but we find that the reasons below

are usual.

There are 3 main programmes you can choose from:

1. The ‘WARM UP’ - for Students who have not yet visited us but plan to

and wish to ‘warm up’ their English before arrival. This way they can

really prepare for the experience, gain confidence & 'meet' our

teachers. By feeling relaxed and familiar with the language, they will

quickly start to make real improvement the moment they arrive.

2. The ‘FOLLOW UP’ - for students who have already been with us. You

will benefit from a very successful ‘follow up’ when you are back home.

We have a record of your level, needs, strengths and weaknesses and what

you have already covered in our lessons.So we can start immediately to

take you to the next level with no delay or chance for you to forget

what you worked so hard to learn.

3. The ‘START UP’ – if you have not studied at Atlantic SEAL and cannot

plan a visit in the near future, don’t worry, it’s always a good time

to start! We offer a full assessment of your current English skills. You

tell us what you want to achieve and we will advise you on how to do

this and then take you to your destination from start to finish.

There are special discounts for past students and if you have not

visited Atlantic SEAL yet, but may in the future, we give very special

discounts later if you have been an ‘On Line English’ student with us

before your visit.

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.