The Boomerang Effect - Why so many return.

30-40% of Atlantic SEAL annual visitors are returning learners of English. This applies to all ages. Why is that? 'Friends who come back for a family-reunion' is how we describe it. We think that once our students get to knwo and love the school, place and people, they can guarantee a carefree break next time round. Each visit they continue to improve their English with the same teachers and team who know them well. They start again where they left off and advancing higher and higher each visit. But they also come back to meet up with friends from around the world and amongst the local inhabitants, whom they met here during previous visits. Our students feel safe, they know where to go and yet each year something unexpected and exciting happens; some new acquaintances are added to the richness of the experience. And so the boomerang effect continues and these all meet again the next year. This tradition is usually passed on to their friends and families who might ask to stay in the same family as their relative or friend the first visit. So a feeling of safety and security and we all know, when you are relaxed and there is no stress and you are stimulated, you remember and reinforce all you learnt before and add to it rapidly. But mainly our students love to return to the warm welcome of old friends in a breathtakingly beautiful Atlantic-side location.

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.