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We are extremely popular with adult students of English who like to live and learn in a relaxing and beautiful environment where 'the living is easy' and the learning is fun, but highly effective. All our teachers are qualified to a very high standard and can tailor make your classes to fit with your own needs. Whether you require General, Business or specialised English we can provide a programme to meet your personal needs, level and budget.


At Atlantic S.E.A.L., our motto for successful language acquisition is: "If you don't want to lose it, use it!" So we give our students plenty of opportunities to do so. Vocabulary building and conversation lessons are linked to leisure programmes, so our students can enjoy and appreciate Ireland's cultural, historical and natural heritage while putting their language lessons to use. We specialise in small group English language tuition & we adapt our teaching methods to your unique learning style. Small group sizes of average 3 (low season), 5 (high season), mean that you can choose themes that you like to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Grammar and written exercises are also part of our course, designed for your level. You can attend a General English group course, in the mornings and add on the private 'one to one' or 'two to one' lessons in the afternoons, or earlier in the morning before the group lessons commence. Only English is spoken at all times, during leisure activities and even at the place where you will reside.

We like to give our adult students full control of their programme content : so, you can design your own programme (Customise) or you can enjoy one of our all inclusive Packages which are based on popular choices of past students. Just choose the flexible options form from the Forms and Prices section and choose the options that suit you best. Return the form to the email address at the bottom of the page and start or renew your English language learning journey. If you have any questions the School Director will answer you immediately so if you have any further questions, simply ask on the enquiry form below.

We are extremely popular with adult students of English who like to live and learn in a relaxing and beautiful environment where 'the living is easy.' All our teachers are qualified to a very high standard and because we are also a teacher training centre, our own teaching methods are always being upgraded and reassessed in order to ensure our programmes are effective and successful for our students. We offer a level assessment prior to arrival in order for you to be placed in the correct class for your English level. Each student's needs are considered and catered for and thanks to the fact that we limit the school size to a maximum of 30, (average class size of 6-8 students depending on English level) there is a great 'family' atmosphere and lots of relaxed communication in English. This helps our students progress quickly. There are many opportunities to practise what you learn outside the classroom with your host family and during our optional cultural and leisure programme.

Micro-Gen 20 / Micro-Gen 20 + 6 & 30 hour Pro­gramme (suit­able for Ger­man employess enti­tled to Bildungsurlaub)

20 micro-group lessons of General English or 20 micro-group + 6 'one to one' lessons per week.

Micro-groups have an average of 3 (low season) and (5 high season) students. The +6 'one to one' lessons focus on your personal/professional language needs.

The 30 hour programme (also suitable for employees who are entitled to Bildungsurlaub) - there are 20 English lessons in the mornings and 10 more hours spread out over the week i.e. 2 extra hours each afternoon Monday to Friday covering Political, Cultural & Historical Topics.

All skills covered - reading, writing and listening with special emphasis on speaking and pronunciation.

  • Level Assessment Test prior to arrival.
  • End of Course Certificate and Progress Report from your tutor.
  • Free email support from your tutor for one academic year following your course attendance.
  • Free tea/coffee and snacks each day between lessons.
  • Leisure Programme optional after lessons.
  • Weekly Friday Progress Test Assessment.

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.