Adult Mini Stay = Maximum Progress

'If you dont' want to lose it, use it!' That is the Atlantic SEAL language learning motto; we give you every opportunity to do so. We ensure that even in the shortest time here, you will enjoy a full immersion in the English language, local lifestyle and culture. You will learn new things in the classroom, and then use it immediately in context. It could be by having lunch with your teaches and new friends or shopping in our small friendly town, then going on excursions and enjoying fun activiites all with your teachers. Thus recycling and thereby reinforcing all new language. We organise activities lead by your teachers who are there to monitor, support and encourage you all the way. New language learnt in the classroom becomes 'your own' by the end of the day - and that's why you never forget. We place you in a local family or friendly B&B/hotel where we have emphasised that you be encouraged to communicate in English in a relaxed, pleasurable yet productive way all of your waking hours. Indeed we have heard our learners tell us they dream in English by the end of even the shortest stay here. That is progress!!

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.