Max and Friends make a Vlog at Atlantic S.E.A.L

One of the most interesting ways to work as a team and really work on your English is to do something very creative (and fun) together. This way you learn a lot, both by doing and from eachother. The English you need in this context is so helpful to English needed in so many other day to day situations. All skills are put to the test - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The students take 'ownership' of their own learning and development and seek out new words, prhases, pronunciation and discuss the plans endlessly with eachother. Great skills in English, great skills for life.

The project work which is part of our curriculum at Atlantic SEAL Junior school is highly successful and the students take great pride on what they present to eachother each Friday. They plan the whole production together, negotiate, take notes, assign roles/jobs, explain to their tutor and really work to make it a great final 'product'.

This is all through English and they never forget what they have learnt. English only is spoken from beginning to end. And as we know - when you are having fun you are learning fast and constantly reinforce and recycle new and old language learnt every step of the way. Enjoy Max's Vlog, we do again and again.

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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.