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Our juniors & teenage students (9-12, 13-17) of English love to live and learn in a relaxing and beautiful environment where 'the living is safe and easy.' Nowhere is far away and no time is wasted. They make friends for life in their host family and all over the globe. We average 25 nationalities join our Junior/Teen programme & our policy is that they all speak English together. Practice makes perfect.

All of our teachers are qualified to a very high standard. Because we are also a teacher training centre, our own teaching methods are always being upgraded and reassessed in order to ensure our programmes are effective and successful for our students. We know that younger learners hate being bored not just in their free time, but in the classroom too. Our junior teachers will ensure that the lesson content is stimulating, the activities fun and effective and that you will be very relaxed communicating in English with your new classmates. You'll be amazed at how interesting learning English can be, especially when you really need it to communicate with your classmates, host family and teachers. If you are learning English at school in your own country, you won't believe how much better you will succeed and how much more you will understand when you go back home.

Our 2024 Junior programme course will run from the 24th June until the end of August.

Our Easter programme runs from the 25th of March to the 5th of April 2024.

Keep­ing it personal

Each student's age, needs & learning styles are considered and catered for. We offer a level assessment prior to your arrival and an interview on the first day of your course. Then you will join the right class with other students of your level. We want your programme to be as 'personally designed' as possible, so we ask you, before you come, to tell us what you hope to achieve in your English language programme and also what leisure activities you enjoy. We also find out how you learn - so we can match our teaching methods to suit your learning style. Some students learn best visually while others remember what they hear, others prefer to use their hands and many like a combination of all their senses stimulated. We design a programme that helps you to improve your English quickly and successfully and also a leisure programme that will be fun and exciting for you. Thanks to the fact that we limit the overall numbers and focus on ensuring there is a wide nationality mix, there is a great 'family' atmosphere and soon 'strangers' from other countries become friends for life - and don't forget you will be communicating in English all the time!

Two-Week Aca­d­e­m­ic Timetable & Leisure Programme**

The following features are included in the fees:

  • 20 English Lessons per week in micro-group classes of average 8 students rising to 12 approx in peak times only.
  • An exciting & varied leisure programme 5 afternoons of active and creative leisure plus a full day weekend excursion.
  • All excursions accompanied by teachers/guides
  • All equipment hire & instruction for sporting leisure activities i.e. sailing, surfing, kayaking, stunt workshops, hiking/biking etc.
  • Ferryboat or coach fares for full day excursions.
  • Entrance fees to all leisure/entertainment venues.
  • End of course Graded Certificate
  • Teachers Detailed Report and recommendations for further study to continue progress made.
  • After course Support: Students can email their English Language questions to Atlantic tutors from their own country for help during their next academic year.

**AS arrival is normally Sunday and departure is Saturday so in a 2 week programme there is ONE Saturday excursion, in a 3 week programme there are 2 etc. But we will be flexible and if your time includes additional Saturdays we can offer you the extra excursion and extra night in the host's home for a reasonable additional charge.

Love the Leisure

Schull may be a small village, but thanks to its location, we are so lucky that there is so much to do. As we are located right beside the Atlantic Ocean and we can offer lots of exciting watersports - sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing and lots of beach sports. As there is wonderful green countryside and hills around us we can play tennis, golf, go cycling, hiking and have picnics and barbecues on after fun hikes to beautiful Mount Gabriel. We also do Hollywood stunt workshops!

Cultural/Creative Activities: It doesn't have to be 'all sport' - we know that some people are more 'passive' and that on some days you may prefer to be calmer and creative; this is why we offer jewellery making, art lessons, muisc workshops, film making, and gentle dance activities. There is always something special to take home for yourself or as a gift for friends and family - and the great thing is - you can say you made it yourself!

What’s includ­ed?

  • Boat trips to one of the beautiful offshore islands
  • Visit to Glengarriff to see the seals and get off on the islands. Cork city and Blarney Castle, or Marine Biology Adventure Trips — our own Marine Biologist, Peter McDonnell, takes students on educational trips by boat and on foot to explore the local marine flora and fauna.
  • Three 'Active Leisure' Afternoons. Sailing, hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, Marine Ecology Trips, boat trips, etc
  • Two Creative Arts and Crafts afternoons — sculpture, art, jewellery making workshops or "beach art" trips.
  • Golf (lessons or free practice)
  • Tennis/Basketball/Football (lessons & free practice)
  • Beach Sports
  • Visit to local archaeological or historical sites - our informative guides make learning about Ireland's history and culture an enjoyable and fun experience.
  • Irish Cookery Lessons (Scones, Soda bread, Irish Stew)
  • No time is wasted as most activities are in walking distance and so it's easy to make the most of your time here.


You too will stay at a local Irish family and we always try to place our students in families with children and teenagers of their own age whenever possible. Soon you will feel like a real member of the family and you will 'live their life' by taking part in all family activities when you are not at school. Just think about it - you will be watching TV , listening to music, chatting to your new Irish 'brothers, sisters, Mum & Dad' - and all in English! Imagine how confident you will be communicating in English by the end of your stay here.

Our families are carefully chosen for their friendliness and hospitality and they will help you with your English too. So, don't worry if you are a little shy or if you think your English is terrible. As Irish people love to talk, there will be plenty of opportunities to speak and listen. You will have breakfast and evening meal with your Irish family and you will also receive a packed lunch to eat in the middle of the day, between your lessons and leisure programme. Although you will be busy with the school from morning until evening Monday to Saturday, for many Irish families, Sunday is a special day and traditionally in Ireland this is when the family relaxes and that is why we call it the 'Family Day' - and that will include you too.

For families who are travelling together we can offer a self catering luxury apartment located within very close walking distance from our 3 school centres. Please see our 'Where to Stay' tab at the top of this website.

Course Fees

2 week Programme€1865 (2 weeks)Per week: 20 English lessons, 5 afternoons of leisure, full day excursion + host family (full board). Please note ** aboveRegistration fee and airport transfers. See our application form which has all costs explained.
Additional Weeks€869 per week
1 Week all inclusive€98520 English lessons per week, Teachers report, Certificate and all learning materials + host family (full board)Registration fee and airport transfers. See our application form which has all costs explained.
Junior Programme without accommodation1 Week - €759 2 Weeks - €1,468Per week: 20 English lessons, 5 afternoons of leisure, full day excursion (if 2 or more weeks are booked)Registration fee and airport transfers. See our application form which has all costs explained.
Junior Programme Lessons Only1 Week - €522 2 Weeks - €1,02320 English lessons per week, Teachers report, Certificate and all learning materials
Airport Transfer and Organisation Fee€130 one way / €260 returnCork Airport or Kerry Airport or Cork City Bus Stop


We can offer a 'chaperone' service from Dublin airport for underage students travelling alone if necessary.

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