Wolfgang Pietzsch

Heeeellloooo Barbara,

how are you? Nice to hear from you.

Unfortunately at the Moment my life here is not so fantastic than in Ireland. I am really very, very busy and I'm sitting in the office until 10:00 every day.

But anyway - I had really a great and fantastic time during the whole course. Your school and the teachers were absolutely perfect to meet my requirements and I feel by my self, that my English skills have very improved. I liked the very good mix with professionalism and familiarly, which was a very important point for me to enjoy the course.

Another very important point for me was - of course - the leisure possibilities. I really enjoyed the diving excursions with Peter. They were really one of the nicest dives, I ever did until today.

The near of the ocean, the landscape and the nature of this fantastic place are absolutely perfect to relax. It was so nice, to walk along the coast, look after the seals and the fishing boats, enjoying the late afternoon impression, when I looked over the water - I can't find the correct words to describe it.

At least - of course - the 3rd important point was the practice after the lessons in the pub's (especially 'Newman's). I never before met so friendly and funny people like in Schull. Everybody was talking with me, so I met a lot of people and had a lot of nice and interesting conversations. For me it was so important to use the staff, which I learned in your school by talking with the local people. And I will never forgot the fantastic GUINNESS and MURPHY's.

STOP!!! I forget one point: The Groove House. I feel so well in that nice old guest house. I will never forget the wonderful breakfast and the view from my room over the pier.

Barbara, once again many, many thanks for all. Please give many greetings to Peter, Naomi, Dawn, Mary and Billy (Groove House), Peter (Newman's), John (Newman's), Derek (Black Sheep), Thomas Brosnan, The man in the post office (I buy my phone cards from him), Pascal, to the seal, and all the other people (I can't remember all the names at the moment, sorry, but I'm sure you know, which people I mean).

So, now it's time to stop work and go in the weekend.

I will come back as soon as possible, that's sure.

I wish you, Peter and all others a very good time and for the moment a nice weekend.

Best wishes

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