YES It’s READY - 2012’s exciting leisure programme!

You told us what you loved and we have designed 2012’s Leisure Programme for juniors AND adults based on your ‘top choices’. Why not have a look at what you can expect to do after English lessons and at weekends.

The choice of activiiies in the The Leisure Programme for 2012 is bigger, better and mor fun than ever before. At the end of every course we our students fill in a feedback form  - over the years they  told us what  loved and we have listened. And Acted. Now the Watersports, Landsports, Creative and Culturlal activities as well as the land or sea excursions our students will enjoy this year are more varied and exciting than ever before. Courses for Juniors run at Easter and from mid June to the first week of September 2012. Adults can start any Monday at  our Year Round Adult Centre. Arrival and departure at the weekends is normal.

And remember that Atlantic SEAL's  'successful learning philosophy' is to link the language learnt in the morning to the leisure in the afternoon. That's why we always have your teachers there to help students practise their English long after they have left the classroom. This way new language is reinforced and recycled - this is our  recipe for success. You take a small group of students from all over the world,  mix with a team of highly talented teachers in a beautiful Atlantic-side location  -  simply add the ingredients of 

  • the small class sizes (average 4  and maixmum 6 for adults and 8 for juniors)
  • friendly & fun environment
  • Host families who encourage you to speak English at all times 
  • Strict 'overall numbers' control

and the result?  Happy , motivated  students of English whose language skills progress faster than any others have a look  -  just click on the magazine you see on our Leisure Programme page to see what you can do.

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