Schull language school gets english validation

Following a recent rigorous inspection by Trinity College London, the Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure in Schull has been validated as an approved centre to host their four-week intensive Cert TESOL course.


The Cert TESOL, recognised worldwide as a highly reputable qualification for teaching English as a Second of Other(Foreign) Language, will allow local, national and international course attendees to work at home or travel round the globe and earn a reasonable and often lucrative living teaching English to non-native speakers. According to Dr Richard Kiely, who flew from London last week to carry out the inspection of Atlantic SEAL on behalf of Trinity College, West Cork will not only attract local interested trainees but also candidates from all over Ireland and from round the world too who would like to spend four weeks here, living locally, enjoying the environment and culture as well as gaining a prestigious teacher training qualification.

Thousands of trainees from international destinations flock to the UK annually to do the Cert TESOL course, now they could equally as easily come to South West Cork. Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure is only the second other centre in Ireland to offer the programme leading to this esteemed qualification. Barbara Connelly

Atlantic SEAL owner Barbara Connelly, who has already conducted teacher training workshops and courses in Ireland, UK and in Europe is delighted with the recent validation: "Getting the Trinity College London stamp of approval here is a great opportunity for us and it has taken us over a year to earn this privilege" she said.

Barbara, having originally trained on the Trinity College system herself and later, once reaching the higher diploma level, working as a teacher trainer on the course in other schools away from Ireland, she knows the value of the qualification when seeking work abroad. She also appreciates the difficulty in convincing Trinity College London that they can do the programme justice.

"It took one year for us to perfect our proposal and the programme design and we will be constantly monitored by TCL, however it is this vigilance and commitment to high standards on their part that has gained the Cert TESOL its well recognised status"said Ms. Connelly.

"Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure are delighted that they will be in a position to train local people to become confident and competent teachers of English and to help them seek work at home and abroad. The longer duration and higher cost of this course when compared to other shorter ones reflects its more intensive and comprehensive nature and its internationally recognised status."

"For the first few years, Atlantic SEAL will be 'importing' lecturers from the UK for each four week course and this as well as financing frequent validation and moderation visits by Trinity College London makes it a costly investment. However, in spite of the fact that there are obvious extra expenses in running a course where lecturers and end of course moderators have to fly here from the UK, the cost of the four week programme is still in line with the normal UK fees for the same course," she pointed out.

"The eventual plan is to train up more of Atlantic SEAL's own staff to be able to run the course independently in the future. A husband and wife lecturing team from the UK - Patricia and Peter Spruyt - will team up with Atlantic SEAL in conducting the course.

We are very fortunate to have the Spruyts as our lecturers, as they have recently received a prestigious award from Trinity College London for their outstanding services over the last three decades to the teaching of English and teacher training," added Barbara Connelly, who has teamed up with the Spruys as a teacher trainer on several occasions in the last ten years.

The Cert TESOL course will run from March 18 to April 12 at Atlantic SEAL in Schull - course attendees are limited to a maximum of nine.

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