Minke Whales and Basking Sharks visit us!

This week basking sharks and Minke whales are showing their love of the area and flirting with photographers. This summer & early autumn we hope to organise weekend trips for our students to go whale and dolphin watching

The Atlantic is alive and we want our students to witness it all!  

We hope to work with Baltmore Whale and Dolphin Watch for the rest of 2014 and share the wonders of the sea with our students young and old.

Not only will you really improve your English in our lessons, but also whales, dolphins, basking sharks, seals and all the seabirds and fish will be enjoyed during a a language and leisure programeme at Atlantic SEAL.

As you know, Atlantic S.E.A.L's Co-owner, Pete McDonnell. is a Marine Biologist and Scuba Diving Instructor.  He takes our students snorkelling, diving and helps them understand all about what they see on, under and around the sea. Pete  wil supply our students with the information and vocabulary they need to appreciate  and learn from the experience,  and of course  to have an unforgettable day on the Atlantic Ocean.

Here at Atantic S.E.A.L; we want you to Learn 'English for Life' while  enjoying the best expeirence of your life!

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