Brave Students Earn the ‘Schull Challenge’ T-shirt

This Year the Schull Challenge at Atlantic SEAL is a huge success - only students who complete the difficult bike ride, the tough hike up Mount Gabriel and the sea swim and speak only English during the activities, get one of these limited edition 2014 ‘Schull Challenge’ T-shirts to wear with pride…

Gerard Torres was one of the first this year to 'earn' his!! Here he is back home in Spain, wearing it with pride Well done to all who participated and the leaders including Sarah McKnight Matt Mills Caleb Cairns  Students MUST speak English at all times during the challenge or may risk being disqualified. Hope to see you next year to get your 2015 t-shirt Gerard!! Make sure to send us a photo or post it  on our Facebook page of YOU wearing YOUR t-shirt if you have earned one!!

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