Atlantic SEAL appointed one of ICEF’s international partners

Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure in Schull have been appointed 'International Partner' of the Austria based Training Organisation - ICEF. The appointment followed a recent visit by Dr Christian Ernst Fuchs, founder of ICEF, Austria.


ICEF is a worldwide renowned training centre for Business owners and professionals. It has over 200 employees and four centres in the major cities of Austria. The 20 year old organisation, founded by Dr Fuchs, specialises in catering for the linguistic, IT, & management training needs of professionals, company owners and directors. Their clients are not just Austrians, but mainly employees and directors of international companies based in Austria.

ICEF offers intensive 'full immersion' language programmes in native speaking countries and needs partners abroad to co-operate with these programmes. These courses are usually in Business or Specialist English - on a 'one to one' or 'micro-group' basis. Having dealt mainly with language schools in UK & Malta in the past, ICEF sought their first Irish partners in 2004 and Atlantic SEAL is one of only three chosen in this country. The Schull centre was the only one to be visited by the organisation's founder who also attended an English course there. Barbara Connelly

According to Dr Fuchs: “Having visited Schull myself and attended an intensive 'one to one' week long programme at the school - I am very confident that the people we train will find all they need in this wonderful harbour side location. Our clients tend to have very demanding and specific requirements for their English language course and this is quite a challenge for the course co-ordinators and tutors. However, due to their usually stressful lifestyles, they also need to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery, the sea & countryside.

The fact that Atlantic SEAL also designs a programme that offers the choice to take part in sporting, cultural and creative activities outside class time means that they get the best of both worlds and all is arranged for them in advance.” Dr Fuch's, who stayed at Grove House in Schull while participating in his English language programme, also mentioned that the many opportunities to practise their English in the very friendly local pubs is also an attraction which he was happy to sample himself!

“We've no doubt we've made the right decision as Atlantic SEAL in Schull meets all these needs” says Fuchs, “and I for one will certainly be coming back”.

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