Atlantic SEAL’s mix of language with leisure ‘proven’ to be successful

At Atlantic S.E.A.L. we ensure that new language acquired in the morning lessons is quickly put to use and reinforced in the afternoon activities. We have always found this a highly successful way to ensure maximum progress even in the shortest time. So even if a student stays just a few weeks here, their English language skills progress much faster than in other learning situations. Adult learners benefit as much as juniors.Now we hear that this has been ‘proven’ scientifically.

This is not just luck. So how do we do it? Our programmes are carefully designed to maximise every learning opportunity.  And that includes activities outside as well as inside the classroom. This is why our teachers always prepare our students  in morning lessons  for the language they will need to enjoy their afternoon leisure activities (sailing, kayaking, horse-riding, arts, crafts, cooking, music, hiking & biking, boat trips etc). Also, our  teachers always accompany students on their leisure trips or activities to offer support as we know it is an invaluable way to continue language use and development.  By repeating the words with the various physical actions and applying the phrases to describe the various situations, the fun, understanding, enjoyment and hence  learning is increased.  Over the last 12 years of Atlantic SEAL this is one of the ways that  we have ensured successful English language acquisition of all learners of all ages and nationalities.  Now it appears that what we have known to be true has been recently 'proven'  as described in this article in the New Scientist Magazine. They should have asked us a long time ago !smiley

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