75 new jobs in Saudi-Arabia for Atlantic SEAL CertTESOL holders

Atlantic S.E.A.L has been contacted by a major Dublin Recruitment firm who are immediately looking for 75 qualified ENGLISH teachers (25 now another 50 by July) and up to 300 going forward.Through the Irish Government we have been introduced to a massive language and upskilling programme in Saudi Arabia working with the universities there. Most of the teachers who have already trained at Atlantic SEAL and gained the prestigious CertTESOL qualification already meet the criteria to be in with an excellent chance to secure a position there. This also applies to anyone who hopes to attend any of our courses in the future as it is expected that this need will continue beyond July 2011. Terms and conditions are excellent as well as being tax free.





Our prestigious client has a number of open positions for ESL instructors and (men and women), beginning from mid-April to July, 2011, and extending for a year. The positions are in Preparatory Year Programs and in institutes and seminars at major universities and centers in Saudi Arabia. These appointments will complement a strong cadre of accomplished, professionally credentialed, experienced ESL staff. Teaching hours, salaries, and other benefits are highly competitive.

Salary and Benefits

Competitive, tax-free monthly salary depending on qualifications 
Full accommodation and transportation package 
30 days paid annual leave 
Round trip airfare between KSA and country of origin 
Medical insurance 
Varied visa options and support (iqamas, work visas, etc.) 
End of contract bonus 
Performance awards and additional professional benefits

The client is a private Saudi foundation entirely devoted to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of educational and human resources development services. It strives to be one of the leading institutions that contribute to the creation of environments nourishing the knowledge industry in Saudi Arabia in particular, and the Middle East in general. Thus, it assists the transfer of educational outputs to the building of an enlightened society, where willingness and ability to communicate competently and openly with other communities are easily visible.

Seeking a unique and unprecedented position in the educational services, the foundation has upheld the motto "Unprecedented Professionalism in the Building of a Knowledge Society." Believing that out of diligence, professionalism and far-sightedness comes success, the company focuses on education, training, consultation, scientific and field research and the operation and improvement of governmental and private educational institutions, in addition to the production and issuance of publications and materials relevant to education and training.

In its continuous quest for the accomplishment of excellence, has adhered to a set of objectives, detailed as follows:

Upgrading human and material competences to make them conform to standards demanded by the job market. 
Building and utilizing interactive information systems that yield profitable outputs. 
Improving ideas and products helpful in the diversification of investment choices. 
Creating strategic partnerships with worldwide experienced educational and training institutions. 
Taking the initiative in the provision of programs aimed at the improvement and promotion of the community.

Because it has adhered to the aforementioned objectives, it has become a leading company in managing and supervising huge educational and training programs, e.g. the preparatory year of tertiary education. The various and distinguished efforts of the company have resulted in strategic partnerships with many governmental Saudi universities.

It has highly qualified educational and training staff in three categories:

Professional teachers who have international, regional, and local experience in the academic field and teacher preparation.

Professional leaders who have good experience in running educational projects at all stages. 
Experts and consultants in improving academic work, enhancing learning environments and teaching techniques and human resource development, and testing and evaluating the educational process.

The company has the ability to attract the best qualified staff from all around the world. It has signed partnership contracts with recruitment agencies in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, NZ, the UK and the USA and are now looking at IRELAND.

They follow certain standards in selecting its professional staff. They are able to communicate, work under pressure, have team spirit, and are well-trained to use complex technology that helps improve their own work and the work environment.

It's infrastructure has been developed to meet international standards. It is equipped with the latest achievements of technology, such as multi-purpose auditoriums, modern theaters, and other facilities. This enables the company to implement its projects and academic programs in an attractive educational environment. 

Contact Barbara Connelly at Atlantic SEAL for more information  on the above.


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