Who are our students?

Our students come from all over the world and from many backgrounds, but they have this in common: they want to learn the language, live the life, and love the leisure here in the scenic setting of an English-speaking country. Our students make great progress in their English language skills, particularly listening and speaking, even in a short time. Our courses are professionally designed and our teachers are qualified and experienced experts. Students appreciate a warm and friendly classroom atmosphere. They like the small class size of an average of just 4 students because it gives them plenty of opportunities to practise using English.d

A lot of our students are lovers of nature and the sea. In their free time, they enjoy a mix of leisure activities from our programmes. These include land or watersports, cultural or creative activities and excursions. They want to be surrounded by spectacular countryside and seascapes. They enjoy nature, the outdoors, and fresh air. "If these are the kind of things you like," says Barbara, "_you will find your ideal place here at Atlantic SEAL. You will be very welcome to our family!”"

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