Holiday homes can be rented in the countryside... the beach.. ..near the dramatic Atlantic ocean! 5 star luxury lighthouse - sleeps 10


At Atlantic S.E.A.L. we know that everyone is different. So we help you to choose accommodation to suit your  personality, needs and budget. To save  you time  our ' All Inclusive Package Option' programmes include accommodation or you can 'custom build' a programme from beginning to end that really meets all your requirements and that includes where you stay. 

Here are the accommodation choices:

Host Family

A very reasonably priced option and a great way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of local people and practise all your  language skills after school especially listening and speaking. our families are well known for their friendliness and the warm hospitality that they extend to our students. 

Standard:  Live in the home of a family, a couple or a single adult and enjoy breakfast and evening meal each day. Junior students receive a packed lunch too. Don't forget that  for adults we give free snacks and drinks at midday at the school and there are plenty of cafes/pubs/restaurants/supermarkets in our village and students can also use our kitchen anytime too.

Self Catering: all the benefits of living in a home of a local couple or single adult but you can use the home's facilities and cook your own food. It's the most reasonably priced option so you are independent to eat in, eat out but still have all the interaction with your English speaking host(s) and use of all the home's facilities. Ideal if you like to cook, have a special diet or like the choice to eat out some evenings in one of our many local restaurants or pubs.

Executive: live in the home of a family, a couple or a single adult and enjoy breakfast and evening meal each day. Our executive hosts are usually our most experienced hosts, usually in walking distance of the village, the school etc and provide high standard of comfort in the  home. Some may offer a private bathroom to the student.  But all have been hosts for a very long time and students return there year after year.   So how do we decide which hosts are 'executive'?  - It's simple: you tell us! We get feedback from students and they have reported being extremely satisfied with the house, the food, the high level of  conversation & interaction and this is how they reach our 'Executive' status. Families who are 'standard' today, may earn 'Executive' status later.

Bed & Breakfast or Hotel

This may be in a standard or superior guesthouse or it may be at our local hotel. It can be on a Bed and Breakfast basis only or bed, breakfast and evening meal.

Holiday Homes and Apartments

We offer a wide range of holiday homes and apartments of a very high standard of comfort, most with sea views, some even with private direct access to the sea,  and in walking distance of the village, the school,  with wonderful green countryside all around.

They are equipped with everything you need, several even  with towels and a barbecue ready to be lit! ! Many have wi-fi internet access and it's ideal for families or couples or anyone who wishes to be more independent. Just ask about the many holiday homes and apartments that we can help you to rent and enjoy. There is something for every budget.

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