Happy Birthday to us!  2019 is our 20th Anniversary
  • Barbara Connelly •
  • January, 01 2019

Happy Birthday to us! 2019 is our 20th Anniversary

20 years in the breathtaking Atlantic-side location of Schull, Co. Cork, Ireland. We now welcome the children of teenagers who came to us a decade or two ago! Thousands of students aged 4 to 84 have come though the doors of our three separate but close by centres and yet numbers are always kept strictly small while the nationality variety is always very wide.

This has always been our policy, it is the secret to our success and this will never change. Hear Owner Director Barbara Connelly explain the constantly growing attraction of Atlantic SEAL over the last 20 years. Each student has their own unique experience of language, leisure and the lifestyle. and progresses fast at their English yet time also seems to stand still as they relax, have fun and take it all in second by second.

2019 is the 20th anniversary of Atlantic SEAL. Who does Atlantic SEAL appeal to? Owner, Barbara Connelly believes that English learners who love the countryside, nature & the sea always love the location. Hear and see it all just click here: 20 years and growing

Why does the world keep coming back to learn and use their English in the small town of Schull, by the Atlantic. The friendly locals and the pace of life here make it the ideal choice for relaxed and therefore successful learning. Atlantic SEAL’s main ethos is to welcome and nurture all ages, races, genders, cultures & religions to the ‘family like’ atmosphere in the school. Here, in addition to learning English, the very experience of meeting so many friends from all over the world, our students of all ages, learn and experience tolerance and respect. The school is purposely small so that everyone gets the special attention and time they deserve from our dedicated team. This is not always possible in big city schools. Atlantic SEAL is an apologetically small school in a small town, and has been giving a big welcome to 23+ nationalities a year for two decades.


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Atlantic S.E.A.L. is a fully accredited school operating year round since 1999. Private, personal, 100% Irish & family run. The only accredited English school in Ireland also approved by Trinity College London as a Teacher training centre.