Alexei Peterenko

...I am sure, you will find some mistakes in my letter, but it is not important for me. The main thing, I am writing the letter with English language, and this is wonderful!

...I think, you do not forget as I began my studies at Atlantic School. You also certainly have remembered I did not speak English at all , and did not write English as well.

...I had two month for learning English only, but that time was quite enough for "reviving" my very old and not deep knowledge. I told you, I had been learning English at a secondary school and at a university for ten years as minimum, but these was very long, exactly 30 years, ago. We also were taught to read and to translate political articles in newspapers (it was not possible differently in my country in the 1970s, when I finished university studies).

...The weather in Moscow is not good: yesterday had been snowing and today the earth, houses, streets and trees are under a thick snow cover. I was in Ireland may be not the best time, at the end of the winter and at begin of the spring, but I remembered a lot bright sunny days. I even could do not break my personal tradition and swam in the Atlantic Ocean (when I travel abroad I swim in the sea and in the ocean obligatory, in spite of a season or a weather).

It is very pity I did not begin sailing studies when I was in Schull because February was a little early. But my cycling and walking journeys around Schull environs was giving me a good opportunity for strengthening my body and spirit, what is not bad for man in my age. ...Studying English in the wintertime has some advantages. It was very useful for me to learn English with small group of students and to have "my own classroom" for afternoon studies.

...I can say I fall in love with Ireland and with the nice West Cork coast especially. I am sure, these places were created for life and pleasures.

...I ask you to pass the best regards for my host family - Jim and Maureen. They are friendly people really. I hope very much to came back to Atlantic School next year and I am going to stay in their hospitable house again.

I wish you and all our teachers good luck.

Alexei, your student Moscow, 24. 04. 2004

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