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Course Description


This course is open to all, both non native & native speakers of English - but If you are entitled to an Erasmus grant - Our Participant Identification Code (PIC) is 912387142

Ideal for the teacher of English, whether a native or non native English speaker, who needs a short refresher course. If you would like to be brought up to date with the many new advances in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second language or simply seek some motivating 'moral support' from experienced teachers, this course is for you. Let us help you analyse your learners' needs, plan your lessons for the future & gain valuable feedback on your teaching skills . You will also learn new techniques and find valuable resources to offer your students stimulating, effective & successful lessons.Those eligible for ERASMUS+ funding also welcome.

There are two courses possible, one for groups and one for individuals - but with one main objective - to ensure that you are supported in every way and develop as a teacher of English and are armed with new insights, up to date ideas and lesson plans and resources that really work for your future teaching.

As not everyone can attend at the same time, we always offer our highly successful & special 'anytime of year' Individual Teacher Training Programme. This includes several 'one to one' lessons & cultural appreciation components (excursions/activities). This very comprehensive course which can be tailor made for you, starts any Monday, any time of the year with YOUR needs in mind.

Course Aim

All courses are designed for teachers of English in schools within or outside the European Union with the aim of developing their English language awareness and teaching skills as well as heightening their awareness of Irish education and culture. The course can also be participated in by teachers from outside the EU as the areas covered are very beneficial to all teachers of English worldwide

Course Objec­tives

  • To activate, develop and sustain their language and language skills, in order to use them in a meaningful way to use practical activities to develop their learners' language skills communicatively
  • To plan and prepare lessons using a variety of materials and techniques with lexical, functional, phonological and skills-based objectives
  • To evaluate their own and others' lesson plans
  • To demonstrate that they can manage the classroom by setting up and overseeing activities, pair and group work in order to facilitate the learning.
  • To use basic concepts for the analysis and description of language and language use in the classroom and apply this knowledge to planning and teaching.
  • To use a range of appropriate activities and techniques to enhance all aspects of learners’ English
  • To become more familiar with the European framework and create & evaluate their own materials from authentic Irish sources to use in future classes
  • To improve their skill in monitoring and evaluating learning

Course Out­line

There are to be three components to the course. A short pre-course distance learning programme to help with 'warm up'. One or two weeks of face-to-face contact – inputs, workshops, cultural awareness/ visits – sample timetable attached. An end of course project to be completed on site or when they return to their home country. The Individual programme is our most popular and the application form you can download here is based on that programme. Group programme course content is also similar to what areas can be covered in the individual programme. This is a very holistic programme aimed at each teacher's specific needs/objectives and that of their students.

1) Pre-course study

Three tasks to be completed before the residential part of the course begins

1) A self-assessment task of strengths, needs and lacks in the English language and in teaching skills. (To be completed and returned, preferably on-line) * *2) A preliminary profile of one of their own learners (To be brought to the course) 3) A scheme of work for one class for a week (To be brought to the course)

2) Face-to-face contact sessions

The Atlantic SEAL course for EU Qualified teachers face-to-face contact sessions will consist of:

An intensive programme of two weeks **

a) A course of language development embedded in a integrated skills programme to improve reading, listening, reading and writing

b) An overview of the basic tenets of communicative language teaching through the presentation of a range of practical activities for improving their pupils language learning and cultural awareness

c) Activities to develop further skills in the preparation, planning and evaluation of teaching - setting objectives lesson planning, integrating skills and selecting, adapting and producing materials with reference to the CFER.

d) Inputs on classroom management managing activities and using classroom aids

e) A review of aspects of the English language according to need and request

f) Inputs that include the practical application of teaching techniques to support and facilitate the learning and development of language awareness and grammar, lexical items, the 4 skills and learners independence and autonomy

g) Inputs and tasks on diagnosing, monitoring and evaluating learning with discussions of how best to correct errors

** For those who can only afford the time to attend one week of the course that would be possible since the weeks can stand alone, as long as the pre-course tasks have been completed.

3) Post-course task

A bibliography for further reading will be issued at the end of the course. A post-course task will be negotiated with participants at a one-to-one end of course tutorial. This will be dependant on the individual participant and could be in the form of what is considered most useful from an English language improvement distance learning course or fuller completion of the pre-course profile task to an itemised scheme of work for a term using materials gathered during their visits and residence in West Cork.

Ratio­nale for the course programme

The rationale for the programme is that course members are encouraged to work on certain tasks, backed up by inputs and workshop support, in order to fulfil the aim, objectives and purposes of their participation on the course.

Assess­ment of the course

Course members will be assessed through the pre-course tasks, their in-course assignments (including reading and listening tasks, lesson plans, materials collection & preparation compilation and participation in class discussions) and their end-of course task. The assessment will be in the form of a written testimonial attached to their certificate of attendance. Course participants will be encouraged to keep up to date with current innovations through the reading of journals such as the ELTJ and IATEFL publications.

The man­age­ment and deliv­ery of the course

The administrative director will be Barbara Connelly BA HDipEd DipTESOL.

The course leader will be Pat Spruyt BA, PGCE, Diploma in TEFL, MEd Pat has been involved in English language teaching for forty years. She has extensive experience in many areas of language teaching, including EAP, ESP, Course Design, Teacher Training and examining. She has taught EFL at all levels in Italy, Ireland and the UK, as well as co-ordinating training courses in Jersey, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Thailand. She has presented several papers at international conferences. She has worked for Trinity College (London) as an examiner, monitor, moderator and presenter. Her role on the course is to design and co-ordinate the pre-course distance learning, the programme and the assessment of the trainees. She is to share the inputs and the administering of workshops with Peter Spruyt and Aisling O'Donnell. (CVs attached)

The induction and requirements for new trainers who will teach on the course.

Who will teach you? You are in good hands with our trainers - A little bit about how we choose our trainers: All our trainers who will teach you, one of our 'teachers in training' on the course will be required to have a Trinity or equivalent Diploma or a Masters degree in a relevant area in order to enter the induction programme. An induction will consist of following at least 25% of an on-going course as an observer of both inputs and workshops. All members of the team are encouraged to sit in on each others' sessions from time to time and also to team teach to ensure consistency of delivery in the Atlantic SEAL style. We like to 'practise what we preach'.

Course Fees

Tuition, Materials, Cultural Exursions etc - INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMMEfrom €745 perWk1 weeks tuition fees including course materials also all administration, assessment of pre course and post course assignments+ end of course certificate and report. Cultural Excursions, activities etc.Additional weeks at reduced prices. Airport transfers extra if required.
Accommodation (all courses)from €200 per weekOwn room, half board accommodation with own room in an Irish Host's home and free snacks and refreshments at midday at the Atlantic SEAL Teacher Training Centre.Executive Host's home in walking distance, with own bathroom possible
Tuition and Materials for GROUP courses€1200 for 2 weeks2 weeks tuition fees including course materials also all administration, assessment of pre course and post course assignments+ end of course certificate and reportOne week course is possible, must be first week.

Host-Family Accommodation Standard per week: €245 (Sept-May) €280 (Jun- Aug)

Host-family Accommodation Executive per week: €295 (Sept-May) €340 (Jun-Aug)

Airport Transfer Cork Airport to Accommodation: €120 (One Way)-€240 (Return)

Airport Transfer Cork City to Accommodation: €135 (One way)-€270 (Return)

Airport Transfer Kerry Airport to Accommodation: €130 (One way)-€260 (Return)

Wild Atlantic Ireland meets Wild Atlantic South Africa?

Learn English while on Safari in South Africa? No it's not a 'dream'-the research is already done! Atlantic SEAL is already planning to branch out to another beautiful country and still by the Atlantic. Keep watching this space as we work towards offering the same wonderful care and academic excellence as well as exciting leisure and hospitality - but this time in South Africa! We hope to do teacher training and English courses, we will also be teaching hotel staff throughout this beautiful country - and lots lots more. Keep watching this space, also our instagram/facebook pages. We'll be offering lots of H.E.L.P - i.e. Hotel English Language Programmes & Home English Language Programmes. Ideal for those who know the amazing Atlantic SEAL programmes already but wish to try another location. Could you get more exciting?! Also if you are an English teacher or teacher trainer in S.Africa, get in touch, we'll be recruiting there when the time is right.

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