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Due to the high demand for our shorter one or two week refresher or introductory courses for individual English language teachers we are currently only offering these in 2020. These shorter courses are taught by our teachers who usually teach on the longer CertTESOL courses and are of a very high standard, with excellent feedback and success rate by attendees. See more here https://www.atlantic-english.com/courses/teacher-training-erasmus-eligible

It will equip you with the most basic skills and knowledge needed to take up a post as a TESOL teacher and give you a firm foundation for self-evaluation and further professional development.

The only centre in Ireland approved
The only centre in Ireland approved

Please view our shorter course information for what is available in 2020. Short English Teacher Training & Refresher Course

The Certificate is a minimum requirement for many jobs, and is recognised and regarded highly internationally. Our programme meets the requirements of The British Council Validation Advisory Committee under the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme and our Certificate is validated by Trinity College. We are the only school in Ireland approved by Trinity College London to offer this prestigious qualification course. Atlantic SEAL is also recognised by the the Irish Dept of Education & the CertTESOL also meets their requirements for candidates who wish to work in a recognised English school in Ireland.

Attention - for 2020 due to popular demand we are offering the shorter course view here instead: Short English Teacher Training & Refresher Course

This is an initial qualification, although experienced teachers with no recognised qualifications may also find it a useful stepping stone in their careers and professional development.

Click here to learn how some of our past trainees have got on since they qualified.

We have been approached by a Middle East teacher recruitment organisation for university positions with very attractive conditions of work and payment for our CertTESOL graduates..read more here on this website {page_6}demand-for-past-and-future-english-teachers-trained-at-atlantic-school-of-english

The course takes place at Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure (Atlantic SEAL) which is based in the picturesque harbourside village of Schull in South West Cork, Ireland. This is a tranquil & beautiful location, with scenic surroundings. However, as is typical of Irish villages, there is also a lively evening pub and live music scene, which means that even those who are not local residents can find the ideal tranquil learning environment, extracurricular ‘diversion' when needed and a warm welcome from the friendly locals. For the active, there is a wide variety of watersports and land sport options to choose from.

Course Struc­ture

The course is a short intensive course of four weeks duration, preceded by pre-course tasks, including an introduction to phonemic script, syntactic and lexical tasks and a short introduction to methodology. (This is available either as an attachment on the Internet or as hard copy. In either case it is a requirement to complete it before the beginning of the course. You can return the completed worksheets by Internet or by post or bring them in person at the start of the course. You will be sent this work as soon as we receive your deposit). The course itself includes 130 hours tuition; input, tutorial time and teaching preparation, 6 hours teaching practice and a minimum of six hours of guided observation. The tuition takes the form of lectures, seminars, guided self-study, workshops and observation of experienced teachers. There is also some video and peer-observation.

Course Assess­ment

Course members are assessed throughout the course for development during teaching practice and professional growth in terms of relationship with learners and colleagues, as well as awareness of their own progress. The Certificate also requires that a certain number of tasks be completed, all with a pedagogical objective in mind. A journal is kept during a five-hour course in Japanese, to provide evidence of a developing awareness of language learning and a communicative methodology.

A profile of a non-native speaker learner is written to provide evidence of an awareness of what is required to analyse learners' needs and how to address them. A compilation of materials is made during teaching practice, to provide a springboard for a discussion with an external moderator and to enable that person to judge how much of TESOL methodology has been acquired. There are also tests in language awareness of English phonology, syntax and vocabulary.

The emphasis is on assessing progress made and not on grading, since six hours behind the wheel is considered too early to make a final judgement on potential teaching ability. Course members are given a lot of support during throughout the course by very experienced staff, particularly during the early teaching practice sessions and during the completion of the required tasks. However, it must be emphasised that this is a very intensive course and cannot be carried out at the same time as other commitments or during times of personal difficulties.

Course Fees

4 weeks€1450 (this includes the €450 deposit paid at enrolment)A 4 week 9.30am - 5.00pm daily programme. Monday to Friday, all course materials, individual tutorials and mentoring. It also includes moderation by the Trinity College London appointed moderator who comes from the UK on the final days of the course for assessment leading to certification. Pre course warm up tasks & mentoring Immediately on enrolment.

Additional Costs

We can arrange local accommodation in a house share/ own apartment/host family from €80-€150 per week depending on preference

Course Reviews

Geographically speaking it was a perfect setting.Beautiful area.The school was welcoming, the course a great confidence building exercise for me personally. Met alot of interesting people and made a few good friends.Good course, great experience, i would recommend for anyone interested in english

Kenneth O'Neill
from Boston Ma.

Having completed theTESOL teacher training course at Atlantic SEAL, I know it's one of the best things I've ever done. I met wonderful people there who never failed to be motivational and supportive. The course itself was well-structured, highly informative and not only that; I enjoyed it immensely. The location was ideal to really immerse yourself in the course and still have time to enjoy the odd hike and a beer in one of the local pubs. The staff were amazing and provided useful feedback and tips. I remember being a nervous wreck before my first teaching observation, but by the end of the course I had gained so much confidence.

Since leaving Schull, I've been teaching English in Greece and I also worked for a publishing company writing English language books, which goes to show there are other possibilities, too. I returned to full-time teaching though since I find the interactive nature of it all the more satisfying.

I highly recommend Atlantic SEAL to any prospective student or teacher. You will find the welcoming environment both stimulating and rewarding. Barbara and her staff demonstrate a genuine interest in each and every individual. I hope to return to Schull for a visit before long.

To Barbara, Pat and Peter: I hope you are all keeping well!

Deirdre Flannery
from Ireland

I was apprehensive about undertaking the TESOL Teaching course but I am very happy that I chose Atlantic Seal! As I was living in Ireland at the time of making this decision, I chose to complete the course at Atlantic SEAL and relocated to Schull, West Cork. It is a small, welcoming, friendly and very well organised and run course with excellent teachers. The month's course was intense but enjoyable and providing you have the commitment to see it through, you are unlikely to fail, given the great support of all those working at the School. I felt the month's course equipped me with all the necessary skills to teach English as a foreign language. Schull is a beautiful village, located in a stunning part of Ireland. It is a multi-cultural place and attracts nationalities from all over the world. During the course, I had the opportunity of teaching students of all levels, ages, abilities and nationality including French, Columbian, Italian, German, Algerian and Basque. Also, having completed the course in June-July, I was fortunate enough to continue my teaching practice until the end of the summer period, which helped me to consolidate all that was learnt on the course.
I would highly recommend the course and location to anyone thinking

Kate Coakley
from United Kingdom

I completed the TESOL teacher training course at Atlantic SEAL and taught English in Spain for a year after taking the course. The course is excellent - the staff really know their stuff and I genuinely felt well prepared for teaching in a TESOL environment. The course provided a sound theoretical basis and practical experience for teaching. Furthermore, the location of the school is absolutely stunning, and is the ideal location to train and to soak up culture!

Colm Flood
from Ireland

Host-Family Accommodation Standard per week: €245 (Sept-May) €280 (Jun- Aug)

Host-family Accommodation Executive per week: €295 (Sept-May) €340 (Jun-Aug)

Airport Transfer Cork Airport to Accommodation: €120 (One Way)-€240 (Return)

Airport Transfer Cork City to Accommodation: €135 (One way)-€270 (Return)

Airport Transfer Kerry Airport to Accommodation: €130 (One way)-€260 (Return)

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