Learn English Through IT

It's not ALL sitting in front of the computer,  we  mix indoor and outdoor action hi-tech challenges such as the exciting  "Spy Academy".  And as the tuition is through English, students learn not only the buzz words of IT but very practical day to day usage of the language. AND...really improve their I.T. skills, which, with English will offer them a leading place in life and in their careers and education. And it is so much fun!
There is something on offer for all ages between 9-17. Delivered by fully qualified teachers.
Then, In the afternoons it's back to the usual famous Atlantic SEAL afternoon leisure programme with sailing, kayaking, football, hiking and biking, beach sports, surfing (ocean, not internet surfing!!) as well as creative and cultural activities. Then in the evenings it is  home to the famous warm welcome of their Irish family.

A full packed, fun packed and very educationally valuable experience for now and the future. The unique double learning expeirence without being double the price or time.

Contact us on info@atlantic-english.com for form and further details. But hurry it will take place for two weeks only:  July 24th and July 31st 2017 and has strictly limited numbers.

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