Two Inspiring Students

They may be blind from birth but there are no obstacles for twins Jessica and Janine who enjoyed our English language, leisure & Irish lifestyle experience. Morning English lessons followed by Sailing, Archery, Horse-riding, boat trips, music lessons and lots more

Possibly one of the greatest privileges Atlantic SEAL has had in our 14 year existence is to have been asked to organise a 3 week English language, leisure and lifestyle experience for two very special ladies- Janine and Jessica from Germany who visited us recently and taught US a thing or two. The twins were born blind, but these ladies have the most adventurous spirits we've ever come across, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Both are passionate animal lovers and visited farms to get up close to animals, even wanting to pet a bull!. And they did! Sailing was no obstacle and horse-riding a doddle..They learnt some tunes on the tin whistle which they will incorporate into their repertoire in their rock band back in Germany. So you will understand how these photos below are not just 'regular' Atlantic SEAL leisure programme memories..and we've lots more to come - be prepared to be amazed. And what did they teach us? - Think twice before you say 'I can't do that!' These girls truly LIVE the aphorism 'Carpe Diem!' - EVERY day!

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