Star Wars joining us here!

Star Wars are filming just down the road at one of our favourite afternoon excursion locations.

Right now and for some time,  the Star Wars crew and cast are filming at  Brow Head, a short drive from Schull on the magical Mizen Peninsula is one of the places that all our students get to enjoy when attending Atlantic S.E.A.L. and now they will 'walk in the footsteps of  stars'...and maybe even with them!  We have great plans to really make the most of this unique opportunity with our students such as writing, directing, acting and filming  their own mini- Star Wars script in the same location! They will even write their own soundtrack in our popular music workshops.

Every opportunity is a learning opportunity and the more fun the better!  Click below to read about the reaction to the 'force' here:

Star Wars comes to West Cork

Star Wars at Cork Airport

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