Jobs with Ryanair for our Students

Atlantic School of English & Active Leisure has been approached by Ryanair who seek cabin crew for their flights to/from many European countries. WE are now offering programmes to prepare students for such a career. Our English courses will be designed to ensure that each student reaches the level of English required and also are well prepared for the interview and the English test they must take as part of the recruitment process.

 There are up to 10 interviews per month for cabin crew so it could be planned for when you are ready. Send me a message if interested on

Dear Barbara,
I hope you are keeping well. I would like to advise you that we have cabin crew vacancies for candidates who possess a good level of English.
The reason for our contact with you is that we feel students trained in your language school, who possess a level of intermediate English, may be interested in an entirely new career opportunity. Our company is offering the chance for successful candidates to become cabin crew members on board Ryanair’s aircraft. We would be extremely grateful if you could inform your graduate students.
I look forward to welcoming your candidates to our assessment days in the near future and we are hoping that many of your students will successfully pass our English test, which will be the start of a promising and exciting career in cabin crew.

Ryanair Recruitment

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