Hip Hop & Street Dance for this summer’s teens

Well, it’s confirmed, we have finally managed to book the very popular ‘Kid Ling’ to teach ‘Street Dance’ to our summer school students and they are going to love it!

WE 'tested' the poor guy with a group of our (super cool) local youth  to see how they enjoyed it all...and wow,,did they have fun!  And they were able to perform a real 'street dance'  routine like the one you will soon see posted here..after just ONE hour!! WE can't wait for summer 2012..!!  AS you know we always like to link our language learning to our leisure programme and you would be amazed at the amount of new vocabulary and expressions (which we will pre-teach) that were used to be able to follow the sometimes complex instructions.....and the great thing is that a lot of these words are no just for 'dancing' and so while having fun, our students are learning 'Language for Life' . Here's a little about our new dance instructor: - No wonder they call us the 'cool school' cool

See Kid Ling in action here as he practises the moves he'll be teaching our students 


and learn more about him here:


And start getting ready NOW!! - if you want to improve your English vocabulary in a fun way AND learn a little about how to 'Street Dance'...just look at this - who knew  English 'reading comprehension' could be such fun See how much of this you understand!:      http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_6337287_step-step-guide-street-dance.html





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