Foraging and make a Music Track!  Exciting New Activities this Year

Our students really make us work hard by returning year after year! 60% of 2015 students are return visitors to us!

You know we always guarantee and exciting leisure programme and this means we have to come up with new ideas each year. Well this year is no different. We know you love the usual sailing, kayaking, horse riding, snorkelling, body board sufring and the cultural and creative activities, but this year to keep you keen, we have an exciting variation on our uusal cookery fun - it's called Foraging!! We go out and find edible 'food for free' in the wild - nettles, seaweed , wild garlic, fruit and lots more. And then we teach you about the health benefits and delicous recipes that can be enjoyed from these. Then you cook something wonderful such as nettle soup or seaweed quiche and so you learn more than just recipes but about natures wild gifts too.

And that is not all. We now offer you the chance to go into the Atlantic SEAL 'recording studio' and write your own lyrics and music and together with your 'band' you can write an original song and you take it home on CD..something original that has never been heard before and in English and created by YOU!

Keep watching here as I'm sure we will have even more to excite you soon.

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