Exciting Sports Sailing Boat for Atlantic SEAL!

‘Run Lola Run’ - the exciting 1720 Sports Keel Boat on which Atlantic SEAL students will learn to sail. Our English learners will be given the opportunity to learn to sail if they are beginners or to practise & improve their skills if they are already experienced.

sports sailing boat

 And what's more - our Sailing Instructor Denis is not only an experienced & qualified sailing teacher but he has also trained at Atlantic SEAL as an English teacher - so both sailing and English language skills will  be practised and improved  on board!  There will be  lots of fun on the  ocean  wave which is only a minute's walk away from our school. At Schull Harbour  Denis and boat  will be waiting to welcome you onboard. Just as you'd expect from a school  called: Atlantic S.E.A.L

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