English with extras with Atlantic Seal

English with extras with Atlantic Seal

The Atlantic School of English and Active leisure (Atlantic SEAL) is a language school with a difference. Located in the pretty coastal village of Schull, West Cork, it offers its students the chance to improve their English and have a very enjoyable holiday into the bargain.


"Classes of not more than four students ensure that everyone gets very individual attention," says owner/director Barbara Connelly. She has 15 year's experience in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and school management.

"Another strength of our programme is its flexibility. Students can choose which basic language course they want - ranging from 20 hours of classes a week to individual attention in specialist english," she says "then they can top up with the leisure programme of their choice on a day-to-day basis or a week-by-week basis." Barbara Connelly

Students can stay in a hostel, bed & breakfast, with a host family, or in self-catering accommodation."Our students really like the fact that they have total control of their budget," she says. Connelly who is from Kildare, moved to Schull two years ago and set up business with her partner Peter McDonnell, a marine biologist and fully qualified diving instructor. Thanks to him a student can walk away at the end of their holiday with vastly improved English and an internationally recognised PADI diving qualification. Or they can do water-skiing, horse riding, akyaking or sailing. The slightly less energetic can do golf, tennis, arts and crafts, vegetarian cookery, Irish culture and history or learn to play a traditional Irish musical instrument."

Students love the coastal location.One of our locally based teachers, Noel Carroll, has returned to Ireland after many years in Japan. He now lives on Long Island and causes great hilarity among local fishermen by sailing over to the mainland every morning, decked out in suit and tie and briefcase, to teach english at the school."

Schull is a bustling village with a popular pub and music scene so its easy for students to socialise together. The school is attractive to resourceful, independent adult students, (the average age is 24-40), although it also caters for children."As well as being the normal 'language tourists' we also have a lot of business people, and people on work experience programmes," says Connelly.The school's aptly named HELP programme (Hotel English Language Programme) is designed specifically to improve communication levels between non English speaking hotel staff and members of the public.

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