English & Sailing for the real sailing enthusiast!

This year you can choose to bring your sailing skills up a level or two by following a sailing course EVERY afternoon.

This is our third year to team up with E4S (English for Sailing) and our English students can learn sailing not just one or two aftenroons per week (as sailing is ALWAYS included in our GENERAL leisure programme) but they can choose to focus completely on sailing each aftternoon and really improve their skills.

The instructors are trainers to Olympic champions and offer this course exclusively to students attending Atlantic SEAL in the mornings and staying with our host families etc.  

You can choose to do this for one or morr or all weeks of your stay. You will still mix with all your new friends from all over the world in the morning English lessons and of course you can join our Saturday full day excursion and stay with one of our wonderful host families, just as if you were joining our regular All Inclusvie Junior Programme, but the difference is that YOUR programme will have a more serious focus on sailing..and all the fun and drama that can offer. All instruction through English too and we can prepare you for the necessary vocabulary. So you will learn and improve  not just English but sailing too while you are here. Just ask us for more information. Places are striclty limited.

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