Cambridge Exam Success!

Well done to Atlantic S.E.A.L. student Karsten Franke from Germany,who today has been awarded an ‘A’ in the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) exam.


An  'A' GRADE was today awarded to Karsten Franke who spent a month at Atlantic SEAL in November/December 2010 following our highly successful Cambridge Exam Preparation Programme.

Karsten and Atlantic SEAL 'tailor made' a programme of study to suit his needs, his level, the amount of time he was free to study here and even his accommodation and leisure interests! Karsten has now moved his family and his business to Edinburgh where he says his English studies are really paying off...he is even getting used to the Scottish accent:-) Karsten's next plan is to return to Atlantic S.E.A.L and continue this success story by preparing for the CPE (Cambridge Proficiency in English) Exam. We have no doubt that he will succeed in this too and in his new life in an English speaking country. We wish him all the best of luck!

A very happy Karsten very kindly had this to say to us today:


'I can't believe it Barbara! And it's  time to say thank you to you and your magnificent teachers, as this result shows not only my achievement but also the excellent preparation by your school! I really can’t think of a better place to learn English and I really enjoyed the time there! I might come back to prepare for the CPE!'


To view  his exam result click here (pdf)

If YOU would like to study for one of the prestigious Cambridge Exams here at Atlantic S.E.A.L. View our Cambridge Exam page or  have a look here

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