Digital De-toxing, Micro-adventures and a licence to be silly for our Adult students of English.

They are high flyers, top executives, busy parents, CEOs, Sales Managers, HR Managers, Teachers, University Lecturers etc in their ‘real life’ but here at Atlantic SEAL, they all want to improve their English fast and also have a really memorable authentic Irish experience in a breath taxingly beautiful environment. This summer we have given all our hard working adults students a chance to be silly for a change. They choose to try to have a digital detox and include micro-adventures during their precious time here. We encourage this totally as you can see in our photo taken last week.

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Easter Experience 2018 - the warm-up for summer was amazing.

Some say the Junior Easter Experience at Atlantic SEAL is like ‘summer only sooner’. And indeed many who enjoy it come back a few months later to do it all again, during our summer programme. It’s hard to capture the fun, the atmosphere, the friendships formed &  the huge progress the students make in their English, but this 30 second clip can give you an impression of this unique experience. Enjoy

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World Famous Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones Stunt Man Teaches Our Students

World famous Stunt man Peter Dillon who has featured in The Hobbit (stunt double Balin) , Avatar, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Red Rock and many many more action movies and TV series’, is sharing the ‘tricks of the trade’  exclusively with Atlantic SEAL students. Peter will be doing regular future workshops at Atlantic SEAL.

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